The secrets of Feng Shui [Archives:2007/1107/Community]

November 29 2007

By: Saif Hamoud Na'aeem
Student, Sana'a University
Faculty of Art, English dept.
[email protected]

Energy is the central muscle of life. With its multiple meanings and its particular vocabulary modifying new concepts year after year, it is proof of human intelligence and curiosity about everything.

Regardless of caloric and electrical energy, with their chemical transfer, we now have a new type of energy known as global energy encompassing all viable matter around us. This is called “Feng Shui.”

Feng shui is part of the ancient Chinese philosophy of nature love, after changing from its Eastern parentage known as energy flow. The ancient Chinese nation believed in its empire because it was the sole bearer of the secrets of using feng shui to maintain control and order.

Feng shui mainly is about realizing the relationship between nature and humans with a view to revealing the invisible lines of energy that come from the living things around us in our environment. Human beings' internal state depends completely upon their influence by their surrounding environment.

For example, if we surround ourselves with ugliness and bad expressions about life, we'll corrupt ourselves; whereas if we surround ourselves with beauty and various expressions of sweetness in life, we will enable and prosper ourselves.

Feng shui is an Eastern science of “viable energy,” which we became foreigners to; thus, we consider it a “wonderment.” In fact, feng shui or viable energy appeared long ago in the Nile River delta, floating on the river until it got to China, where it flourished.

Alleged masters eventually began teaching feng shui in Europe and the United States. According to international statistics, more than 50 percent believe feng shui is an essential architectural foundation; for example, where a building should be built and how it should be designed.

Feng shui also is an important consideration when arranging home furnishings and decorations; for instance, which way doors should face or which room needs green plants. A feng shui master must decide all of this based upon the home's energy flow.

Likewise, merchants have learned how to distribute their merchandise in malls, depending on feng shui laws to attract customers' attention, as well as follow their energy flow.

Distress while sleeping is a matter of a wrong arrangement in the bedroom, putting you in direct line of the energy flow. A square bedroom is unsuitable because it offers an energy source from three sides; however, a rectangular room is particularly suited to avoid such a problem. If you experience this problem, rearrange your bedroom, adding some plants, and it will all work out.

The classic use of feng shui was more inspirational and creative in its tangible impacts. While it still meant harmony between humans and their environment, it also was a type of alternative and effective medicine. Omnipotent treatment able to heal stress and psychological pain has been found within feng shui's secrets.

Additionally, it is a way to strengthen the five senses, as well the sixth sense, besides strengthening the immune system, which increases the body's ability to resist and cope with illness.

Balance between the logical and emotional essences can be achieved by learning how to enjoy nature's vastness and mediating on God's blessings.

In the end, nature's healing power carries us to the quiet shores of contentment, mental clarity and our lost fervent dignity, which we attempt to search for in this transitory world. However, don't forget that this depends on the depth of our beliefs.