The Shiah Celebrate Al-Ghadeer  Day For the First Time in Yemen [Archives:2000/13/Local News]

March 27 2000

On the occasion of the Al-Ghadeer day, a ceremony organized by Brotherhood Islamic Association was held last Friday in Serwah town in Mareb. The event was attended by 500 persons. Mr. Mohammed Saleh Al-Zaedi, Chairman of the Preparation Committee delivered a speech, and welcomed the orthodox Caliph, Ali Bin Abi Taleb. He showed the importance of this day for the Islamic nation. This day meets the twelfth day of Dho Al-Heja h month of every year. In this day Prophet Mohammed delivered his final sermon in Al- Ghadeer area before his death.
Mr. Zaidi discussed rumors taken against Shiah in the area. He called upon people to read the books of the Islamic history, and to see what happened after the death of Prophet Mohammed. In addition, a number of religious lectures, popular songs were delivered in the ceremony to express virtues of Prophet Mohammed and Emam Ali.
The activity of Shiah started in 1986, they have many mosques in different governorates. They have only one educational center, that is Al-Kaothar Cultural Islamic Center in Sana’a, founded on May, 1999.