The Song of Bye [Archives:2008/1167/Community]

June 26 2008

By: Nashwan Ahmed Al Khawlany
[email protected]

When the sun sets off

The flower all withered

And the souls settled

While sitting aside it goes off

Moving the tree's roots

The wind is howling inside

Disturb the hearts and souls wide

but minds of the disappeared thoughtful batch

The birds are flying west and I watch

It hurts my things as they go away

With slowly fluttered wings, they fade away

Leaving the trees of my homeland high

It is so hard time to say GOOD BYE

The most bitter sweet words

Those separate the souls and hearts

When I say it hurts my eyes

How can I live without my friends-wise?

How can I live alone! Long I thought

Even to defeat what I fought

But destination is one's own destiny

A hope can be cut with one's own destiny

Burying one's own dreams

So hearts never is had as gold

It can turn hate into love

These I have found

With those whom I have lived a round

So long, but so short to my soul

No way to shun that moment's cool

No way is it time parting and I

I have to say GOOD BYE

To whom without my life is leisure?

Who turn my saddest moment vacant?

To a life full of pleasure and zest

How GOOD BYE'S tone will be sound-best

When eyes are motionless

Like a dead sea, it remains seen bless

Without my classmates and friends

A circle of waves as it begins, ends

How can I Bid those whose world is my heart

Whose sky my eyes?

How GOOD BYE last time would be

When we say GOOD BYE to

The white hidden but black lilies

Whom eyes ever be sick of seeing

Disappeared Beauty, decorum and really

Good manners, and good behavior, by modesty

So, we do not care for the next generation

As there are such leaders, on whom we can trust

Now the impending storm is about to come

To scatter those who have live for four years together

Someday soon, we must say GOOD BYE

That has all the melancholy of the world

It breaks our hearts so about are yours?

Last moment some say GOOD BYE others FAREWELL!

All cry inside when they hear the BYE SONG.