“The Stranger’s Slanders” at the al-Sa’eed Forum [Archives:2004/774/Local News]

September 20 2004

Ahmed al-Bukhari
Taiz Bureau

A critical reading symposium on the book, The Stranger's Slanders, by Majed al-Math'haji was held at the al-Sa'eed Establishment for Sciences and Culture in Taiz on Thursday, Sep. 16th 2004. It was presented by a host of writers, young and old, such as Ahmed al-Sururi, Mohammed Naji Ahmed, Sadiq Ghanim, Waleed Jahzar, Mohammed Abdullah al-Hakimi, and Mutahar al-Shajabi.
The author, Majed al-Math'haji, who studied Law in Syria, wrote for many newspapers and is interested in criticism. The Stranger's Slanders, an anthology of sorts is his most famous work and is considered unique. It seeks to show the difference in emotions between the young and old. But some people assert that the collection offers just one view; it is, however, a distinguished work, and deserves to be supported to strengthen the artistic movement.