The Supreme Court demands polling again [Archives:2003/636/Local News]

May 12 2003

The Supreme Committee for Elections and Referendum (SCER) officially announced last Wednesday its intention to repeat the polling in four constituencies. That came as a result of rulings issued by the constitutional office at the Supreme Court as a result of electoral challenges that led to suspend results of elections at the constituencies 61 and 62 in Taiz City.
The constitutional office made incumbent upon the SCEF to hold re-polling in the (d) center in (61) constituency and in (i) center in (63) and declare the results consequently as well as in the (75) constituency.
Moreover, another polling run in (u) center in (86) constituency which Yahya Mansour abu Usba, the socialist party candidate had a victory over the GPC party candidate to announce the results again.
Yemen Times learnt that the by-elections are to be prepared during this month, according a statement by Dr. Abdualmoumin Shuja alddin, in charge of the legal office at the elections committee.
Meanwhile, sheik Amin al-Ukimi, Islah candidate and sheik Bin Abdan, GPC candidate are still under arrest in Sana'a pursuant to top orders.
The results in (276) constituency have not been announced till now, in precaution of tribal problems, nevertheless the initial information indicates that it is in favor of sheik al-Ukimi..
The SCER said that the delay of the announcement was because of withdrawal of the head of the original committee.The two candidates of the (276) constituency are still detained at First Armored Forces in Sana'a for more than 10 days along with the candidate of Wahdwai Nasserite party sheik Hamdan Ziad for the killing and opening fire in air during counting votes, however, the SCER announced the result in favor of GPC candidate.