The Talented Loss of Identity & Uncertain Future [Archives:2001/36/Culture]

September 3 2001

Saleh Abdulbaqi
Cultural Editor
Yemen Times
In any country of the world, the talented people gain the respect and appreciation of cultural and scientific institutions. They are supported and encouraged by those who have great interest in creative works on all aspects of creativity, whether social, cultural, or scientific. They are honored by the cultural and information bodies which motivate and encourage them to create more works in the field of cultural and scientific creativity. The honor they are gifted with is the main factor and a civilized aspect of taking interest in the talented people. But honoring such people in our country is somewhat different. In Yemen honoring a talented person always comes after his death, it is like a lifeboat, thrown to him after his departure from life. Numerous examples can be traced in the fields of song, writing poetry, story-telling and other literary works or may be in science. The problem is not that sometimes they either become a laughingstock or they are completely oppressed and at length they have to travel and leave their country and that is what has happened to our intellectuals. The question which poses itself is why they leave their country? What is the default of staying inside their homeland? Is it the default of those who are responsible for their legal rights? I don’t know what happens in this country? Even if you do something good, people say ” You are in Yemen.” Who is the responsible? Undoubtedly if the government has good intention towards improving the situations of the talented in the due time.