The Tension is Over [Archives:1999/31/Local News]

August 2 1999

The tribes of Bani Dhebyan and that of Derhm Bin Ghalib Al-Ahmar met yesterday with the President Ali Abdullah Saleh and Shiekh Abdulah Bin Hussein Al-Ahmar and other important social figures at the presidential palace to settle down the conflict between the two tribes. The problem resulted from the killing of Mr. Abdulkhalq Ahmad Mubarak Sharif in front of the Ministry of Local Administration around a month ago. As a result, the tension between the two tribes was very high. But the efforts of the president himself and Dar Al-Salam for Arbitration represented by Mr. Ghalib Al-Agdaa and others were successful in bringing the problem to an end. Shiekh Abdullah Al-Ahmar offered the tribe of Bani Dhibyan around 201 klashikoves and they accepted the solution in the traditional tribal way.