The Third Conference of the  Yemeni Teachers’ Syndicate [Archives:1999/34/Local News]

August 23 1999

Under the title of “To have a more valid educational Syndicate structure”, the inauguration of the third conference of the Yemeni teachers syndicate was started Wednesday August 18, 1999 at the cultural center in Sana’a. It was sponsored by Abdullah Ben Huseein Al-Ahmar, Chairman of the Parliament. It was attended by some of the educational authorities and 310 out of 450 members of the third conference of the syndicate comprised all the governorates. Abdullah Mohammed Abo Ghaith, Chairman of Teachers Syndicate, asserted in his speech that the syndicate has achieved great accomplishments, the most important being their declaration of the teachers’ law. This meets some of the ambitions of teachers in difficult times. The syndicate has stood in the face of depriving teachers because of the 20% rise in their salaries which was entitled to each employee in the country. The syndicate has also filed a case against the officials and won. The Chairman of teachers syndicate concluded his speech and said the following:
“The holding of the third conference for Yemeni teachers is a way to enhance the democratic process in our country.”
A number of speeches were also presented at the conference to enhance the educational and structural unity.”