The Tough Decision Made: Opposition’s Presidential Nominee: Moqbil [Archives:1999/28/Front Page]

July 12 1999

After many days of discussions and debates, the Opposition Parties Coordination Supreme Council agreed to nominate Ali Saleh Obad (Moqbil) for the coming presidential elections. In its statement Saturday evening, the council confirmed its decision and called on all citizens to vote for their candidate. The statement included a call to the governmental media to end its monopoly over the electronic media, and to enable it to fairly and equally cover the activities of all political sides, governmental or opposition. At the end of their statement, the council explained the obstacles facing democracy in Yemen and how to overcome them, and also how to strengthen the methods in which opposition can fairly contribute to the upcoming presidential elections. This decision came despite the extremely low possibility of their candidate winning, due to the two major parties’ decision to nominate President Saleh.