The US-Eyed World [Archives:2001/23/Focus]

June 4 2001

Amat Al-Razzaq Jahaf
Head of Women’s Development Unit
In the perception of the world that sees only through the American eye, it would be better for our young heroes, to change their Arabic names into American and Jewish ones . Instead of martyr Mohammed Al-Durra they should call themselves Joseph or David and the 6-month-old martyr Iman be named Golda Meir.
Maybe it’ll be better to change all the Arabic names as the Palestinians are calling themselves Hebrew ones so that there would be a better value for their blood with which they can irrigate the land of Palestine in order to attract the world’s attention and evoke magnanimity of the relatives and shyness of the friends.
Maybe it will be better for our Palestinian youth, who are confronting their enemies with naked chests the brutality and suffering the savagery of the Zionists, to concede and stop resisting since the US-Eyed world describes them as terrorists. In that case, they should replace their little stones with mortars, missiles, cluster bombs and other heavy artillery and start an onslaught against every one, children, elderly and women, to gain the world’s sympathy and support.
Or may be they should leave their land to the homeless Israelis with thanks, since those Israelis have chosen Palestine to be a home for them.
Maybe it will be better for the defenseless Palestinian, who insists on struggling with patience against the Israeli lambs, not to bear the panicky eyes of the Palestinian children nor their cries of pain. Instead to heed their feelings and admit that they destroyed their environment and killed their children not the Israelis.
Thus, the viewpoint of the US-Eyed world is that if Palestinians have to defend themselves, then they should practice it to an extent as permitted by America and its new international law.