The virtuous city is in our parents’ eye [Archives:2007/1101/Community]

November 8 2007

By: Saif Na'eem
Aspiring to be ideal and perfect is the major aim and the extreme hope in all of our minds. It guides us directly to a type of incredible and legendary thought of a virtuous city. Each of us dreams of the image of an upright city full of what we're eager to achieve – and spread all over the world – such as reasonableness, enthusiasm, tolerance and innovativeness.

From the beginning, we ought to know that being virtuous has no specific classification; you may have your own because of your own reflection. Moreover, it has no limitations because it exists beyond our imagination.

We seek to escape the bitter reality of life, which caused our devilish desires, including what could only be imagined. Instead of living life as human beings and having relaxed lives, we become like machines, freezing our compassions, taking life as an immense challenge and resisting life's difficulties as the way to the perfect heavenly city.

The perfect city is the inspiring meaning of life for which we're searching. It's a place where we won't cheat or compliment, we won't follow or guide others, we won't be biased or unjust and we'll be truly and rightfully alive.

This entire straightforwardness surrounding us absolutely will have its influence on our behavior, making us do the right action at the right time. However, how we can attain at least part of this massive purpose? Here, I suggest my own method to discover the secret of this worthy city.

To reach this soaring position, let us reckon ourselves, beginning with parental obedience. Do we do what we're supposed to do toward our parents? Do we reward them for what they've given us? Do we listen to them in a polite manner?

Here's the first step to attain our goal of replicating the perfect city in our minds. The precious reward for them beams in their eyes. We can't let them go away because among them, we are who we are.

“No one wants to see somebody better than himself, except parents.” This statement shows parents' intense love for their children and this is why we should be humble toward them forever.

They are the fundamental references for us; we need their advice, which will make our life's journey easier than we think.

“Nothing comes easily” is priority wisdom we must be taught by them in order to teach us perseverance and patience, which is required in the virtuous city. Such wisdom didn't come from nothing; to the contrary, it came from what they withstood of anarchy and troubles, in addition to the daily, rotten and boring routine.

Hazel, exulted eyes teach us the fruit of their vast experiences over time, which is passing across their rugged faces that tell us that life is not a bed of roses. In other words, teaching us to be self-sufficient is another requirement in the virtuous city.

Once we ignore their advice, depending on our growing minds, we believe that we were wrong unless we realize the cruelty of failure. Parents give us the immunity to be a loser; nevertheless, we're determined to do what is accepted as true.

This reminds me of the wisdom of Alexander Pope, who said:

We think our fathers fools,

So wise we grow

Our wiser sons will

No doubt, think us so.

This also teaches us righteous comprehension, another requirement in the upright city.

Indeed, parents indirectly teach us the way to the virtuous city, and for this reason, we must appreciate them. I hope I have alarmed you, for something could be just as significant for you as it is for me. I also hope you pay attention to appreciate what we have rather than regretting its loss. Eventually, all will stand together to present a word of gratitude for the countless efforts of our dear parents.