The voice of the youth [Archives:2005/845/Viewpoint]

May 26 2005

Although growing is a natural aspect of life, yet the essence and consequences of time is not well understood by many. Take for instance: generations. A generation could be defined as a particular age group or in other words, it is a bunch of people who live simultaneously and who in a certain time frame would no longer be there. This means that if you were around 60 years or more, it is very much likely that you would be gone in the next 20 years or at least highly inactive. No offence, but we all grow old, however, if you were in your early twenties, it would be very possible that by the next twenty years or so you would be the next CEO of your dream company, rector of your university or even president of your country, who knows?

Fascinating thought, isn't it. If we understood this fact clearly, as a nation, we should plan our strategies depending on the generations who would provide the maximum result. In other words, the people who should be given training and exposure in terms of travel opportunities, attending conferences tc, should be given to the youngest of the staff. Because they are the ones who will be making the decisions in the future and they need to be prepared for it when the time comes.

Another concept of time that is not well understood by many people is that it can not be stopped. Silly as it may seem, in reality, this silly fact is not understood by millions of people. If you are being ideal at a certain time, or being lazy to take a certain action or hesitant about a certain decision you may as well know and understand that the world around you is not waiting for you to make up your mind. Since everything is moving while you are still stuck in your moment of timelessness the rest of the world has progressed leaving you behind. A tragic fact our beloved Yemen is living in and which many of the Yemeni people don't really understand. Perhaps this is why the Japanese jog in stead of walking or the domination of the American proverb “Time is Money” in the west.

Considering all that and considering that we must pay more attention to the generations who will be ruling this world in a short time, the Yemen Times has decided to dedicate precious space for the precious youth. The space will be dedicated to young people in Yemen and even outside Yemen to allow them to express their thoughts and to voice their minds. Starting from next month, there will be an exclusive space from the youth, for the youth. We haven't decided on the name of this corner yet, and we would like to receive input from you. If you care about the future, you would care about the youth, just like we do.