The West Assures Us: No End to the Bloodletting In the Holy Land [Archives:2001/30/Focus]

July 23 2001

By: Hassan Al-Haifi
Notwithstanding the fact that Ariel Sharon, the fanatical Zionist Prime Minister of Israel, is about to enter the wanted list of international criminals against humanity, if the Belgian judicial authorities can prove that they are not about to succumb to arm twisting and pressure from the mighty Zionist lobby and the American blind display of muscle, in support of their Zionist pets in the Holy Land, the Israeli hate machine continues its atrocities in the Holy Land against its indigenous population, who have no records of committing any atrocities against anyone in their thousands of years of history.
One is really astonished at all this talk of globalization and peace and civil rights that is purportedly being promoted by the United States of America, which has on occasions led to the use of American might to quell such disturbing treatment of man against man, but when it comes to Zionist atrocities, the Americans find that their government has a sleepy conscience that is drugged by the mischievous Zionist lobby that has not only managed to become the dominating influence of American foreign policy in the Middle East, but also the driver of American foreign policy in Europe, which has last week been subjected to strong American arm-twisting from the leader of the NATO alliance, to force Belgium to retract on its decision to bring Ariel Sharon to accountability for the murder of hundreds of Palestinians, during the Israeli occupation of West Beirut in the Early 1980s.
Who is this Ariel Sharon, that should be the object of such American concern to increase the already questionable attitude of the Europeans as to how much influence should America have in the internal affairs of Europe? Has America become such a helpless lamb under the sway and domination of a murderous international Zionist machinery that knows no limits to the mischievous methods it will use to fulfill its mythical chauvinistic aspirations for domination of the Holy Land, notwithstanding the implications this might have on the majority of Christians in the American constituency. It might be worth it for the American Christian community to ask their American Zionist fellow citizens just how many Christian churches and monuments the Zionists destroyed as the American tanks and bulldozers they generously provided their Zionist allies in Israel over the years mercilessly overran the indigenous Christian and Moslem inhabitants of Palestine throughout the stages of Israel’s fanatical bloody quest to “ethnic cleanse” the Holy Land, in order to make it exclusively the Holy Land of the Zionists of the world, whose mentality is exemplified by that of Ariel Sharon and his chauvinistic misleading “advisors” that are often interviewed by the international press media. Tirelessly they point out to the world the rationale behind Sharon’s insistence that the only way to complete the achievement of the ultimate Zionist dream of Eretz Israel is to cleanse the areas that the Zionists have not “legitimized” and to do away with even the thought of a Palestinian entity or “homeland”, which is poison to the ears of Zionist demagogues like Ariel Sharon or the fanatical rabbis that constantly preach to the Israeli troops the tenets of Zionist hatred and bigotry that psychologically prepare the “Israeli Defense” Forces for their mission of inflicting continuous death to any mortals that associate themselves with anything to do with the word “Palestinian”.
What the Zionists are doing in Palestine is no strange matter to most Arabs. However, what is really disturbing is that the Europeans and Americans and all the West that is sleazing the Arab World out of its oil and other economic resources, keeping its funds, and even deciding how the Arabs should be ruled, will insist that there is some rationale behind the murder that Ariel Sharon and his Zionist death squads and ethnic cleansing machine is perpetrating on the people of the Holy Land, and that the quest for the ‘security’ of Israeli citizens (who justice would regard as being no more than thieves of land they have nothing to do with in the first place) is justified. How much ridiculous interpretation of the facts on the ground can one stomach, when the statistics and the record show undoubtedly that it is the poor Palestinians, holding on desperately for the last foothold they have of their homeland, who are the victims, who can do nothing more than beseech the world, not to “secure” them, but just to send observers to see who is the victim and the criminal in the Holy Land, and who really should be given more than just a chance to show sovereign status by having Yassir Aright travel from world capital to another pleading to the world to save his people from extinction at the hands of the murderous Zionist mobs roaming their autonomous state freely, and in contempt of an international community that has given the poor Palestinians a “right” to some of the territory they still hold on, with so much difficulty and hardships, witnessed in full by the kind international community, which still receives a murderer like Sharon with all the state honors deserving of an honorable world leader, notwithstanding his blood stained record and his continuing vent on openly and systematically eliminating all traces of the Palestinian people, past, present and future.
It is really amazing to see the Europeans have succumbed to the blind pressures of the Zionist lobby that reigns mighty and strong over most American political and social institutions, perhaps under the threat that the European leaders’ ‘dirty’ records of the past will be exposed such as that now being faced by the French President Chirac, who may have not been on the most favored list of European leaders of the Zionist machine, as is the case of all French leaders, who have tried, as much as possible to be free from the arm-twisting tactics of the International Zionist Machine.
We in the Arab world are still also amazed by the fact that the Arab leaders have not really taken any steps that indicate that they are really aware of the awesome powers that the Zionist enemy of the Arab people from Mauritania to the Gulf enjoys, not so much in Palestine, where the Zionist Death Machine grinds its victims and cleanses the land systematically day by day, but also behind the scenes in most of the capitals of the West that has taken and taken and taken from the Arabs all their worth and not so much as given back a thank you note of appreciation for all the plunder they have been subjected to by the economic institutions of the West, in the past, present and will continue to plunder in the future. All of this, with the Zionist machine also being the proud receiver of a sizable portion of the plunder the West is enjoying from us.