The World [Archives:2003/666/Education]

September 8 2003

By Dr. N. Ramachandran Nair
Wonders are packed in the world
Owners are the PEOPLE of the world
But do we deserve these gifts?
For, the ways chosen by us mark blind fights.

Where has bled our 'One World'?
Did the precept, 'East is East and West is West' get it ruined?
Did the world wars and cold war reduce the world to ashes?
Did the post-colonial tricks of economics put the world in cold clutches?

Aren't we in a blind alley chasing phantoms damned?
Aren't we figuring out a new matrix of profit and loss, doomed?
Where has vanished our 'give and take' dreams?
Aren't we snared by the neo-master's notion of ruthless gains?

World bodies for the well-being of humanity are erected,
Alas! UNO, WEF, EU, SARC, ASEAN and the like are almost buried
For, only 'it is Master's Voice' rules the roost and loudly rings,
The fall of the World Trade Center ignited the Master to let loose the furies.

Black September, 11, 2001, changed the world, the world utterly
The lovely romantic world, is dead and gone, terribly.
In a trice, 'terrorism' wore new colours
The leaders of USA and the West 'who matter', hailed fresh crusades.

'In all fairness' Pentagon moved to Afghanistan and Taliban
In great fury Taliban regime got crushed, but Osama ran
Our neighbors, put on the garb of terrorist quellers
Rightfully, they did earn for this, in no time, 'Cudoos!'

The philosophy of 'the international police man'
Is built on 'convenience', democracy reels, amen!
USA has no qualms in hailing dictators.
India, the largest democracy is not among its 'chosen' beneficiaries,

For, USA is else minded, it has other aims.
Iraq's Saddam pricked their minds,
Declaration came pat to remove him and WMD,
A war, like a child's game, was played.

The Old Mesopotamian civilization got dismembered
Computer controlled war strategies 'triumphed'
Iraq wept, its people groaned, still Saddam fled.
Bush is 'rebuilding' Iraq, but is ambushed.

Fresh humanitarian ventures are in the anvil of 'the Great Leader'
Fight against famine and AIDS in Africa
SARS in Toronto, Hong Kong, Singapore and China.
DR Congo, Liberia, Nepal and Myanmar need a 'fighter'.

Fresh assaults are not ruled out,
Iran, North Korea and Syria can't be counted out.
Willing 'great leaders' and G-8 masterminds are not afraid to strike,
Unlucky men in diverse parts of the globe achingly ask,
'Where is our cherished good old world,
The world of plenity and peace?'