The world seven years since 9/11 [Archives:2008/1191/Viewpoint]

September 18 2008

Nadia Al-Saqqaf
Seven years ago the world's political power map was quite different from what it is today. Seven years ago USA was the greatest world power governing all countries like a strict shepherd.

Today two of the largest eastern countries have pulled themselves out of the third world countries category and changed from being a burden to the world to two of the largest productive economies.

Even Russia has gradually gained its strength and today is starting to make its own decisions somewhat causing an unbalance in the so called uni-polar power system.

But what is most interesting is that USA itself has lost much of its popularity especially in the developing and Arab countries.

And even within America itself the growing Arab and Muslim communities are a considerable threat to the conservative party if they decide to take their votes elsewhere. Although the much awaited democratic candidate has turned out to be a disappointment to them as they express continuously throughout the internet.

Much has been said on who is the real mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks. Some have been substantiated over the years but in all cases Bin Laden is still somewhere hiding and probably plotting more attacks. I was in a European airport on this year's 9/11 and was wondering if something will happen. Security was strict as usual and a BBC news report a few days before said even the allowed small liquid quantities could be used to construct a bomb that could take down a plane.

Now I don't carry any amount just to make my travel less cumbersome for me as a passenger and for the airport and flight security staff.

One thing I know that since 2001 the world has become a less friendly place and there is much distrust and theories of conspiracy. All nations agree to fight terrorism and many have actually taken measures sometimes even going overboard to prove they are an ally in the war against terrorism. And I believe that whatever popularity Bin Laden has gained because of his stand against the USA was quickly lost in the Muslim world because they realized that terrorism does not distinguish between people. Now terrorist acts are taking place in the Islamic world distributing the peace and stability.

However, the anger against Bin Laden and Co. has not been directly translated to appreciation of the USA and this is what the current American politicians are not comprehending. They could easily use the global sentiments to once again take position as a leading power if they play it right, and if they start making intelligent political statements.