The Yemen Female Media Forum [Archives:2004/732/Community]

April 26 2004

The Yemen Female Media Forum, the first Yemeni organization established to handle issues of female media members, was formed by a number of Yemenis working in the various media institutions, with Ms.Rahma Hugira as the chairman. The forum received its legal practice permit from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in February 2004.
The forum, considered a world-class service organization, is basically created to pursue several paramount goals and objectives. Among the forum's goals are:
1- Development of the media skills of women and affording all means necessary to carry out a reasonable and professional media mission.
2- Raising the public awareness about the potential role of female media personnel in comprehensive development.
3- Empowering female media personnel to communicate effectively their messages to the outside world.
4- Ensuring equal opportunities, rights and access to the media for women working in this field.
5- Enabling female journalists to take leading roles in various media institutions.
6- Furthering the involvement of women in the process of development and modernization.
The forum, since its foundation in February 2004, has carried out activities such as a meeting of 30 media women to discuss the role of women journalists in the election of the council of the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate in 2004. An agreement was concluded with the Media Institute for Training and Rehabilitation allowing access to the Institute's publications and the nomination by the forum of a woman for training in various activities and events at the institute, and much more.
The forum has a range of plans on its agenda for 2004-2005, for the defense and promotion of women's rights, headed by harnessing the skills of female media personnel and raising the efficiency of media women through training courses and workshops in various related fields.
In conclusion, the forum has been seeking to establish a library, and it has been trying to make partnership relations with local and international related organizations and with civil society organizations that are concerned with the forum's goals.