The Yemen Ornithological Society Auctions [Archives:1997/39/Last Page]

September 29 1997

Rare Bird Book
The Yemen Ornithological Society (YOS) has obtained a unique edition of Field Guide to the Birds of the Middle East. This definitive guide to the birds of the region was authored by three world authorities on Middle Eastern Birds; Richard Porter, Steen Christensen, and Per Schiermacker-Hansen. 112 full colour plates by leading bird artists John Gale, Mike Langman, Brian Small, and Andrew Birch, illustrate more than 700 bird species, including all of those known to occur in Yemen.
The title page of the YOS edition has been individually signed by all three authors, and each artist has painted an exquisite watercolor of a Yemeni bird on the facing page. This unique volume, which is certain to increase rapidly in value, is being auctioned to the highest bidder in a worldwide fund raising effort. Proceeds from the auction will be used by YOS to further its trifold aims; 1) to collate information about Yemen’s bird life, 2) to interest Yemenis in the conservation of their bird life, and 3) to work with conservation organizations for the benefit of Yemen. The rules of the auction are as follows: 1) Bidding commences with this publication and closes on Dec. 31st,1997. 2) The minimum bid is US $500. 3) Bids may be submitted by fax (967-1-234438), phone (967-1-248309), post (P.O. Box 2002, Sana’a, Republic of Yemen), or email ([email protected]). 4) The highest bid to date will be published in YOS’s monthly newsletter, The Lammergeier. 5) Bidders will be informed of the status of their bids on Nov.1st and Dec. 1st. 6) The winning bidder will receive the book within two weeks of his/her payment being successfully deposited in the YOS account.
YOS also has unsigned copies of the field guide for sale at below the standard retail price of £30.00. Individuals who would like to purchase a copy, or who would like to learn more about the Yemen Ornithological Society are welcome to contact us by fax, phone, mail, or email at any of the addresses listed in part 3 of the auction rules.