The Yemeni Female Media Forum Promoting female journalists skills [Archives:2004/760/Local News]

August 2 2004

By Fahmia AL-Fotih
For the Yemen Times

Considering reporting as one of the important styles and forms of journalistic work and to strengthen skills of journalists in writing press report, analyzing news, gathering information and conducting field research, Yemeni Female Media Forum (YFMF) concluded on Wednesday 28 July a training course for 20 female journalists from different official and private mass media organisations in Yemen.
Mr. Mahboob Ali, chairman of Yemeni Journalists Syndicate, and a number of the local newspapers' editors attended the closing ceremony.
Mr. Mahboob praised the efforts of YFMF in qualifying and training of Yemeni female journalists in spite of its recent foundation.
On the hand, Ms. Rahma Hujaira, the head of YFMF, delivered speech in which she displayed what the YFMF has achieved and the activities it is going to accomplish.
She also thanked all those who cooperated with and supported YFMF since its foundation.
Dr. Abduallah AL-Zalab and Dr. Nishwan Al-Sumairi were lecturing the 4-day training course and Mr. Nabeel Al-Sofi, editor of Al-Sahwa newspaper, gave a lecture on the final day on his experience as journalist.
The trainees who were awarded certificates at the closing ceremony, expressed their gratitude for YFMF for giving them such opportunities to apron their skills in journalism and refresh their information too.
The training course started on last Saturday, sponsored and funded by SabaFon Company and took place at the TMC-Yemen Hall at the eight floor of the AL-Saeed Trade Center.