The youth is our hope [Archives:2005/834/Viewpoint]

April 18 2005

Yemen is one of the most ancient countries in the world with a history so long you could see the wrinkles on the face of the old buildings around the country. As old as the mountains, as deep as the sea, you read through history about the times of Yemen and how the kind hearted people waved their way through the centuries.

Reading through Yemen's history, I can't define a time when this country had peace, actual peace. There have been struggles one way or another and people were continuously sacrificing for the sake of a principle, an interest, a bad decision or even a mistake. No wonder most Yemeni men are armed, perhaps this steams from insecurity and the need to defend. Yet, despite this, there have been stories of success that spark a ray of light. And I know that no matter how sad and ugly times are that there is still hope.

I know there is hope when I look into the innocent faces of the children and in the glowing eyes of the inspired youth. When you are young there is nothing you can't do. Sadly, sometimes depression finds its way into the young hearts of our children and you hear them talking about how dark they see the future of Yemen. But the truth is that this future is only a reflection of the spirit of the young generation of today. The people who cause the misery of a nation will not live forever, and other people with flaming spirits will come.

It is not true that there is no future of this country, because as long as there are newborns, there is hope. There is a hero inside each and every one of our youth, we only have to look closer and dig deeper. They are the ones who can build the future. They are makers of life, Sunna'e al Hayah!