The Zabid Conference Success story [Archives:2003/53/Culture]

December 24 2003

One can’t help but say a word in the occasion of the First International Scientific Conference of Hodeidah University under the title “Zabid and its scientific and historical links with the Islamic and Arabic worlds”.
A reader may regard the following lines as a personal reaction. This assumption may be true, but these lines – in a way or another – can reflect some sight of the conference and record some of its events even if they were written by an ordinary observer. Before and during the conference, every member of its staff was busy and working hard on preparing something and ensuring the success of its different functions and activities. The place was truly like a beehive.
Gathering and controlling the work was the fascinating zeal of Dean of the Faculty of Arts Dr. Khawlah Qaid, Dean of the Faculty of Education Dr. Ibraheem Al-Hujari, Dr. Radhwan Al-Shaibani and Mr. Ali Al-Zubaidi along with many others. Of course, above all was Dr. Qasem Bureh, the Director of Hodeidah University, President of the conference.
Dr. Bureh supported the conference both spiritually and materially. All organizers were determined to bring “Zabid dream” to reality. We must not forget Dr. Abdu Muresh who started the first steps of this conference. Thank God that their efforts were fruitful.
During the conference, many lectures and discussions were held by local, Arab and international experts on various topics on Zabid. As a matter of fact, these lectures were not only for historians. The event had something for everyone and all people enjoyed and benefited from this significant and historic event in Hodeidah.
Before the conference started, Zabid was- for many Yemenis and foreigners- merely a name which denotes an ancient city. After the conference, the excellent lectures which acquainted and sensitized people with different features of Zabid including its ancient monuments, architecture, schools, mosques, libraries, people’s habits, religions, … etc, made people realize the important role of Zabid in history.
Moreover, they became very enthusiastic to revive what has been neglected and obliterated in time. During the second day, attendants expressed keen interest in visiting Zabid and see what they heard about by their own naked eyes. They openly expressed their desire through their notes handed over to the speakers or by microphones which were provided in the hall to make their voices heard loud and clear.
The conference concluded its functions with a very nice visit to Zabid city. All the participants expressed their pleasure at that well-organized trip. They were roaming and discovering the great places in Zabid .For them, it was and will remain a wonderful ancient city forever. They visited the castle, the old minaret, Shabariq and Siham Gates, the great mosque, the old city, some famous houses and the market. Finally, they had their lunch at the Faculty of Education in Zabid.
During these visits and also during the breaks between lectures, hot drinks, refreshments and pastries were served all the time. It was clear that everybody was very much satisfied with the well-known generous hospitality of Yemenis.
Now that the conference is over, it gives me great pleasure to say that it has planted seeds to be fruited in future. I personally present my heartfelt congratulations to those who participated in the success of the conference, which was really a very fascinating gathering that we all needed very much.