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May 2 2008

– Saudi Contributes US$ 500 million to WFP appeal

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, under the guidance of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, responded to the World Food Programme's extraordinary appeal by committing US$500 million their largest-ever contribution to any UN agency – to help the organization alleviate the suffering of millions of hungry people affected by high food prices.

“This extraordinarily generous donation is historic,” said WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran. “The Saudis are major players in global humanitarian action. Today's donation will keep many people from dying, others from slipping into malnutrition and disease, and will even help to stave off civil unrest.”

With Saudi Arabia's generous pledge, the special appeal for rising food prices launched by WFP in March has been met, and funds are now available for critical operations which have been insufficiently funded, especially in Africa and other parts of the world. WFP needs to feed at least 73 million people worldwide this year.

As the Saudi cash donation is not earmarked to any one country or operation, WFP has maximum flexibility to use the funds to address areas of greatest needs. These include helping to nourish millions of children – those most vulnerable to the effects of hunger – enrolled in school and therapeutic feeding programmes in Kenya, Cambodia, Yemen, Ethiopia and Somalia.

“This is a symbol of what can happen when humanitarians come together to rise to the kind of challenges and human suffering which face us in the world today,” said Sheeran.

Today's half-billion dollar contribution puts the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the forefront of the large-scale, high-level, multilateral UN action by the global community, focused on emergency and longer-term solutions to the high food and fuel price crisis which is sweeping the globe. More costly food is leaving in its wake drastically increased levels of hunger and poverty, and in some places, provoking riots and destabilising governments.

High food prices represent the biggest challenge that WFP has faced in its 45-year history. Analysis underway by WFP experts supports World Bank estimates of around 100 million people being pushed deeper into poverty.

WFP is the world's largest humanitarian agency: this year, WFP plans to feed more than 70 million people in around 80 countries.

WFP now provides RSS feeds to help journalists keep up with the latest press releases, videos and photos as they are published on

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– Barwa International commences investments in Sudan by buying 3mn sq m plot

Barwa International Company, the global arm of Barwa Real Estate Company, has bought a large land in Sudan for developing a commercial and residential project. The land deal was finalised on the 3rd of this month, in Khartoum, the Sudanese capital.

The plot admeasures 3mn sq m and is located in Al Jazeerah state, one of the largest states in Sudan, on the main road leading to the centre of Khartoum. Besides, it is only 30 minutes drive from Khartoum international airport.

Mr. Ghassan Abdullah Albinali, chief executive officer of Barwa International, said the company had launched the Sudanese project after studying the local market and the need for integrated real estate projects in that country.

The company examined more than one plot but settled to choose this land in particular because of its numerous merits, some of which are being close to the capital, the international airport and being close to modern public compounds.

Mr. Albinali added: “The acquired land had all the necessary clearances for starting the project this is along to other economical advantages. In addition, the licenses given include establishing a hotel, hotel apartments, an international school and a university for post graduate studies. Also, there will be villas, residential complex, offices and a commercial complex.”

Mr. Albinali clarified that the Company started setting up the general plan for the project with the assistance of companies with international experience. He added: “We expect the project's general plan will be licensed by the concerned entities before the end of this year. This shall be followed by starting with the project's infrastructure, building models of villas, and other buildings planned in the project.”

Albinali also announced: “The Company established Sudan Barwa Company for the purpose of investing in Sudan. The company will also open an office in Khartoum.”

– About Barwa International:Barwa International is the international arm of Barwa Real Estate, a leading real estate company in Qatar, which has executed many mega projects in Qatar, GCC and Egypt. Its lists of local projects include Barwa Al Khor, Barwa Housing Programme, Barwa Doha, Barwa Financial District, Barwa City, Barwa Al Qassar, Barwa Al Barah, Barwa Commercial Street and the Exhibition Centre. The company is currently building the tallest tower in Qatar. Barwa International's portfolio includes many European countries such as the UK, France, Germany and Switzerland in addition to other developments in other parts of the world. Also, the Barwa Real Estate Bank was recently established to help Barwa execute its huge real estate and construction projects and is considered to be Qatar's first bank dedicated to the real estate and construction industry.

– Call for Participation in an International Conference of NGOs

This is a Call for Participation in an International Conference of NGOs holding from 19th July till the 30th of July 2008 in London, United Kingdom where as many as 200 participants from across the world including Health Practitioners, Professionals in relevant fields, Lawyers, Psychologists, Women and Youth Development Groups, Government Officials, Donor Agencies and participating NGOs will meet to discuss issues pertaining to the Welfare of NGOs…and also to meet others like yourself; to learn, teach, inspire and being inspired. This event will be exploring the potential of a practical approach that will unleash and nurture the human capacity to create, collaborate and change positively, the world at large.

What are the objectives of this meeting? The meeting will provide a medium where participating individuals and NGOs will convene to address and discuss ways of improving key Humanitarian issues and topics with much emphasis on Human Rights, Gender Equality, Peace and Security, Social and Economic Development, Youth and Children, Health Education, Ethics and Value and Environmental Protection. Participating NGOs will have direct access to grants by International Donor Agencies. The opening Lecture will be held by Dr Mrs Artemisa Franco who is the President of the Center for Human Rights Research and Development, Maputo – Mozambique.The program will include:

* Thought-provoking plenaries

* In-depth breakout and dinner sessions for strategy-development

* Capacity and skills-building sessions; and

* Debates to stimulate discussion.

In addition to the main program, the meeting will also host book launches, artistic and cultural activities, exhibitions, plenty of space and opportunity for informal networking and alliance building. All plenaries and selected breakout sessions will have interpretation into English, Spanish and French.

Who can participate? What happens if more than 200 participants apply? Anyone who is a member of an NGO, Professionals in related fields, Students Unions, Lecturers of Universities and Community based organizations, the Clergy as well as women and youth development groups can apply to participate.

If more than 200 people apply (as we anticipate), a global selection committee will select a representative 200 from among the applicants. This committee will ensure that the participants at the meeting are truly international and represent a diverse range of interests, issues, and regions.

The events shall commence on the 19th July till the 30th of July 2008 in London at Abba Queens Gate Hotel London.

I can't afford the cost – Can you help? Juan kroc foundation Foundation has set up an Access Fund to support the travel costs for all qualified participants.

How do I apply, and when is the deadline? All Interested organizations should send an email to the Local Organizing Committee. Participants MUST be a group of 1-3 persons to qualify for registration.

Contact Person: Rev.George solomon