Their News [Archives:2008/1169/Local News]

July 3 2008

MTN concludes social development campaign
MTN mobile communication company concluded its 21 day long campaign titled “21 days of MTN care”. The campaign focused on social development and this is the second year, which the company creates such a campaign.

It aims to make it an annual event to help develop society and support the state's constructive efforts to promote Yemen's progress. The company supported many suitable development programs and encourages others in the private sector and other stakeholders to follow suit.

Over 800 MTN employee participated in the campaign's activities and several community work in the health, environment, education, social care homes sectors among others.

MTN takes the responsibility to be an effective member of the society through cleaning the environment, plantation, blood donation, open day for orphanage care, launching a kitchen at Al-Tahadi Association fro disability, a bakery for Al-Shawkani home for orphans, Aden Athletic marathon, let me learn educational campaign for little girls, awareness of the risks of plastic bags, and many other activities and events.

In the concluding celebration of the campaign the company hosted a number of art and musical performances and awarded the partner and supporting companies who helped make this campaign a success.

The celebration was attended by many VIPs and social firgers from the government and private sector. Lutf Al-Alaya Deputy Minister of Social Affairs, Abdulmalik Al-Radhi Sana'a city Governor's deputy, and Jamala Al-Baidhani director of the Al-Tahadi Association for disability praised MTN's efforts in promoting social development and their contribution to the local development and society based organizations.

They considered MTN as a symbol of positive businesses that live up to its social responsibility in providing humanitarian and social services to those who need it. And they called on other private sector companies to copy MTN's example.

Executive Director of MTN, Raed Ahmed explained that the MTN International Group's strategy is based on promoting the development of the societies it works in through providing modern communication technology and brining the country to the international level.

He mentioned that the social and charity activities of the company are a world wide event that MTN carries out in all of the 21 countries it operates in.

Bahrain and Yemeni Islamic Bank create strategic partnership

Bahrain Islamic Bank and Yemen Islamic Bank signed an agreement for a strategic partnership which made BIB an effective shareholder at the YIB.

Prime Minister, Ali Mujawar, Yemeni officials, and high-ranking officials from the two banks attended the signing ceremony.

BIB Chairman, Khalid Abdullah Al-Bassam, and YIB chairman, Abdullkareem Abdullrahman Al-Aswadi, expressed their delight at the agreement. Al-Bassam said that the BIB is looking forward to this partnership and that it poses as their investment in Yemen. In his turn al-Aswadi explained that this is not the first agreement of its kind between the two banks as the BIB has had continuous cooperation with the Yemeni Islamic Bank in the past.

BIB representative in the Yemen Islamic Bank, Khalid Mohammed Al-Dosari, said that the Bahrain Islamic Bank, as a result of the agreement, has an influential portion of the Yemen Islamic Bank shares. This means BIB reconstructs the Yemen Islamic Bank structure and its system according to the well-known and international banking rules and standards. For the coming three years, the two banks will prepare a new strategic plan in order to provide good services to the bank's customers and shareholders in the Yemeni market, as well as opening new branches in different Yemeni governorates such as, Hadhramot, Abyan, and others. He added that the bank wishes to establish collective financial funds in each branch. The Yemen Islamic Bank has already contracted international specialists to update the bank's policies, such as crediting, employees' affairs, and cash management. Additionally, the Yemeni Islamic Bank also will update its system into a modern system in order to provide the best banking services in the Yemeni market.

Amideast-Aden celebrates 10 years anniversary

Held at Sheraton Hotel, Amideast-Aden institute celebrated its ten years anniversary. The management honored its local and foreign teachers as well as many employees, in the presence of social figures together with many students and teachers in addition to members of media.

Director General Edward Faris Prados, inaugurated the celebration by welcoming guests, describing the great success which the institute achieved since its establishment. He said that Amidest-Aden for the past ten years, has been offering many services including English Language courses nd granted two hundred English courses scholarships in both the “ACCESS”” and “”YES”” programs annually. Students get the opportunity to study in America for the Bachelor's degree in addition to scholarships to Egypt and Lebanon. Furthermore