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August 18 2008

President receives credentials of Arab, foreign ambassadors to Yemen

President Ali Abdullah Saleh received here on Wednesday credentials of newly appointed Arab and foreign ambassadors to Yemen.

President Saleh received the credentials of Hassan Fou'adi Abu Akr as Lebanese ambassador, Mahmoud Hasan Ali Zadah as Iranian ambassador, Nour Alawlia'a as Indonesian Ambassador and Mohammed Hasan Dwori ambassador of Somalia.

Moreover, the president received credentials of ambassadors of Singapore Helmi bin Ali bin Taleb, Zimbabwe Mark Grey Maroonjui, Nigeria Alhaj Abdullah Gharba, Vietnam Daw Thanh Shwnje, Brazil Sergio Luiz Kanays, Slovakia Betz Zsolds and Vorovi Wir Asemban as an ambassador of Thailand.

Afterward, president Saleh met each of the ambassadors separately and voiced his warm welcome to them.

He accentuated commitment to provide all facilities and care for them to be able to do their tasks that would enhance the mutual ties and cooperation relations with each of their countries.

Yemeni Judges travel to Germany to meet with counterparts

A delegation of five Yemeni judges, lead by Supreme Court Judge Samyah Abdullah Mahdi, will visit Germany from August 10 to 20, 2008 to exchange views with their German counterparts in the fields of personal status and juvenile jurisdiction and also to find out similarities in the development of jurisdiction in both countries after achieving unity in 1990.

The visit will include attending trials, talks with German judges and general discussions in renowned German institutions. Moreover, the group will meet with members of the German Parliament and with government representatives.

This visit of Yemeni judges to Germany is not only to be considered as an important step in reinforcing intercultural dialogue and understanding between the two countries, but also pays tribute to the fact that globalisation leads to an increasing need for exchange in certain fields of jurisdiction to facilitate international cooperation.

The programme of the visit is co-ordinated by the Oriental Institute of the University of Leipzig in cooperation with the Yemeni Ministry of Justice, the German Federal Foreign Office and the Goethe-Institute, Germany's official cultural institute. It is planned to organize a follow-up meeting in Yemen to consolidate the findings of the visit and the established personal links.

Arab Media Award for Excellence in Child Rights and Young People's Participation in Development

Media's dedicated efforts to highlight the situation for children and young people will be honored by UNICEF with a Media Excellence Award for contributions in 2008.

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) motivates all journalists, children and adolescents in the Arab World to participate in the Arab Media Humanitarian Forum. The award was announced by UNICEF Regional Office for Middle East and North Africa in conjunction with Dubai Press Club and United Arab Emirates' Al-Bayan Newspaper, in March 2008.

The Media Prize will be awarded for excellence in reporting in Arab media on the situation and issues of children in the Middle East and North Africa. Works submitted can tackle national or regional issues. For 2008, the Forum agreed on the topic to be on: adolescents (ages 10 to 19).

Nominee works must adhere to the highest standards of journalism, including clarity of expression, accuracy, fairness and strict observance of ethical guidelines in reporting on children's issues and respecting the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Entries will be assessed by an independent panel of judges comprising media representatives and UNICEF.

Prizes will be awarded for four different categories: TV, Radio, print and on-line (web based). The award is open to all materials limited only to Arabic language, published or broadcast between January 01, 2008 and September 30, 2008.

UNICEF Yemen Country Office in Sana'a is welcoming submissions from interested participants in the Arab Media Award. Submission forms are available from UNICEF Office.

All submissions must be delivered to UNICEF Yemen Country Office in Sana'a on or before 30 September, 2008.

Later, for the final award, submissions will be sent to UNICEF Amman Regional Office for Middle East & North Africa. The jury for the final award will be composed of UNICEF/ex-UNICEF officials, media partners and members of youth-led media initiatives.

The winners will be chosen by the designated jury, and publicized no later than 15 November 2008.

Media reports that faster greater public understanding of children and young people's issues will be acknowledged by UNICEF Middles East and North Africa Regional Office in conjunction with Dubai Press Club & UAE's Al-Bayan Newspaper, during the 2008 year.

Funding available for development of a documentary project

Documentary filmmakers from Africa, Asia or Latin America are encouraged to apply for the Alter-Cine Foundation Grant that will assist in the production of a documentary project. The deadline to submit applications is August 15.

The Canadian-based Alter-Cine Foundation, which supports documentaries that enrich understanding of the world, is giving CAD$10,000 (US$9,730) to complete a documentary project in the language of the filmmaker's choice.

Applicants must submit a five-page summary in French, English or Spanish describing content, characters, situation and theme; a DVD or VHS of a completed documentary work; a production budget and financing plan, and two letters of recommendation for the project.

For more information, go to or contact [email protected]. To apply, visit