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October 13 2008

Signage, Imaging and Media 2008 (SIM)

SIM – Signage, Imaging & Media – the region's most comprehensive trade show for the MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS industry will take place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, 25-27 November 2008. The show will be a combination of three vertical events under one roof and will provide access to important decision-makers from across the Middle East.

As well as providing a larger platform for relevant companies to showcase their products and solutions, the event will also exploit the synergistic components of the Signage, Imaging and Media industry sectors, providing visitors with a wide array of potential suppliers to meet and do business with, thus guaranteeing a strong attendance regionally.

This event will include both an exhibition and a conference, which will be held in the capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi, at the recently built Abu .

2nd International Conference on Religion and Media

The Second International Conference on Religion and Media will be held in Tehran and Qom, Iran, from November 9th to 12th, 2008. We cordially invite all media researchers and scholars, representatives from diverse religious traditions, professionals and students involved with the subjects of the conference to attend and submit a paper. Further information could be found at conference website:

A few scholarships are available to partially subsidize the costs of participants with selected papers.

WOOD, PAPER, CHECKMARK design an awareness campaign for sustainable forestry

A critical tool in the race to save the world's forests is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. Founded in 1993, FSC is an international NGO certification and labeling system that promotes the responsible management of the world's working forests. It is supported by social-welfare and workers' rights groups, timber industry representatives, and the environmental and conservation community. Conservationists promote FSC certification as a means of safeguarding working forests – those that are managed to supply wood – which often surround and buffer national parks and other protected areas.

This is a call-to-action campaign that asks targeted consumers to purchase FSC products as a means of protecting forests around the world

The entry must include a compelling, persuasive message/approach that creates awareness, and a campaign design that includes a number of mandatory elements specified in the competition website:

Entries are limited to text, images and video/audio files only. Any proposed interactive elements must be represented using only these tools. Entries that direct users away from the DESIGN 21 website will be disqualified. See the Entry Provisions below as well as the competition Rules section for full details on file type, size and number constraints.

The initial use of the winning entry will be to promote FSC among a key subset of the “conservation-engaged”: the members and online audiences of the Conservancy, WWF-US, NWF and Rainforest Alliance – more than five million people in all. In a recent TNC survey, over two-thirds of self-identified “committed and involved” members said they had never heard of FSC certification, although 99 percent said they would be willing to purchase certified legal and sustainable forest products. Awareness of FSC among this key conservation-engaged audience must be strengthened, and we need to ask them to buy FSC products as a means of conserving forests and protecting the environment.

Total prize money of $10,000 will be allocated as follows: $5,000 to the Overall Winner chosen by The Nature Conservancy and FSC-US;

$5,000 divided between multiple prizes: DESIGN 21 Judge's Picks and Most Popular

Deadline for submission is Tuesday January 13, 2009.

Judging Criteria

In addition to D21's general judging criteria stated in the Rules, specific criteria for this competition includes:

– How well does the entry achieve its goal?

– How well does the entry communicate the message(s)?

– Is the message positive, rather than negative?

– How strong is the entry aesthetically?

– How strong is the entry technically?

– Is the FSC logo used correctly and featured prominently?

– How innovative are the design solutions? Do they clearly communicate the message and resonate with the audience?

– Entries that cast a negative light on an organization, corporation, government, country, community or person will be disqualified.

YouTube Campaign Highlights Women's Rights

A new campaign on YouTube calls attention to gender issues in Jordan and seeks to address the matter in a creative and informative way. The public service announcements, produced by one of Freedom House's Jordanian partners, The Queen Zein Al-Sharaf Institute for Development, aim to raise awareness on women and children's rights within Jordanian society and throughout the Middle East. The videos are part of Freedom House's New Media Initiative. They cover themes such as arbitrary divorce, polygamy, and child visitation rights, issues that often fall into a grey area between the purview of Islamic law, the government's official policies and accepted international standards. Jordan, one of the freest nations of the Middle East, recently enacted legislation that guarantees legal equity between the genders.

FedEx Flag on Top of the World

Everest De cargo supports all women Mt. Everest Expedition of Nepal from Ashta Prajapati

May 22, 2008 will be now remembered as a significant day in the history of FedEx Express. On this day, a FedEx flag and FedEx small box was hosted to the top of Mt. Everest, the world's tallest mountain with the height of 8848 meters (29002 ft.). The first Inclusive Women Sagarmatha Expedition (FIWSE), an all women Everest expedition from Nepal executed the task for FedEx. The FIWSE team was comprised of ten women, from 17-31 years old, representing a range of the ethnicities from the various regions of Nepal. The expedition was led by Mountaineering Instructor Mr. Da Gombu Sherpa and world record holder Mr. Pemba Dorjee Sherpa.

For most of the members, it was a first endeavor to a mountain expedition. The entire team went through several months of physical and advance mountaineering training prior to the expedition. The team left for Lukla (2840 meters), the gateway to Mt. Everest on April 17, for a month long acclimatization and expedition leading towards the Everest Summit. The team was divided into two groups for the final ascent. On May 22 at 08:30 a.m. local Nepal time, the first five members of the team (Sushmita Maskey, Pujan Acharya, Pema Diki Sherpa, Maya Gurung and Nawang Phuti Sherpa) summited Mt. Everest and successfully hosted the FedEx flag at the summit making this a historic moment at FedEx. Following, the other four members (Sailee Basnet, Nimdoma Sherpa, Asha Kumari Singh and Usha Bist) reached the summit on May 24. Similarly, Chunu Shrestha scaled the summit on May 25.

This historic success of the Mt. Everest summit is an outstanding achievement in the field of mountaineering and a milestone for women empowerment in Nepal. 'Project Everest' as it was named was initiated by Everest De Cargo Pvt. Ltd. GSP, Licensee of FedEx. It was almost a year ago when the idea to sponsor an Everest expedition and send the FedEx flag to the top of world was initiated.

The concept started to materialize with a quest for an appropriate expedition team. After numerous meetings and coordination, FIWSE was approved to send the FedEx flag atop Mt. Everest.

Prior to the expedition, a press conference was organized to inform the media about the collaboration. Also, a farewell event was organized, in which Mr. R. M. Singh, Managing Director, Everest De Cargo Pvt. Ltd. handed over the FedEx Flag and box to the expedition coordinator and wished all the best on behalf FedEx Express.

The expedition has generated wide media coverage from the start of the project. FIWSE is an initiative to encourage more women to participate in mountaineering and provide additional opportunities for women throughout Nepal promoting women's empowerment. EDC and FedEx supports this noble project and has received commendable appreciation in Nepal. Reaching the summit of the 'roof of the world' is viewed as a most prestigious geographic feat. With the success of sending the FedEx flag and box a top Mt. Everest, FedEx has shown it's a leader as the world's largest express transportation company.