Their News [Archives:2008/1199/Local News]

October 16 2008

– UIC launched its first Takaful window in Yemen on 1 September 2008, offering all lines of insurance under supervision from the company's Shariah Board

General Manager and Member of the Board, Mr. Tarek A Hayel Saeed, said the new operation will benefit from the UIC's existing network of branches across the country in addition to the company's subsidiary Al-Tadhamon International Islamic Bank, the largest bank in Yemen.

He expects good business opportunities for the new operation as Takaful has been growing in the region, and believes it will score the same bright results in Yemen.

“We will launch a huge campaign to introduce our new operation and we expect positive response towards the Shariah-compliant services from Yemeni public. We intend to offer products from both life and non-life lines and we hope to attract new clients