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November 3 2008

Republic of Korea emergency aid to Yemen

The government f the Republic of Korea has decided to provide an emergency aid of US$ 50,000 in kind to the government of the Republic of Yemen to contribute to the recent flood relief efforts of the Yemeni government.

In addition, H.E. Yu Myung-hwan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the republic of Korea expressed his deepest sympathy and condolences to the flood victims and their families in his letter of cto. 27, 2008 addressed to H.E. Dr. Abu Bakr Al-Qiribi, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Yemen.

The embassy of the Republic of Korea on Sana'a will continue to coordinate with the government of Yemen to help the affected Yemeni people to overcome the current difficulties.

Germany offers emergency support for flood damages

Following the appeal for emergency relief and assistance by President Abdullah Saleh for immediate assistance to the affected victims and governorates hit by tropical storm last week, Germany offered immediate assistance worth approx 100,000 euro (25,000,000 YR).

The cleaning of affected provincial towns will be supported by 15,000 euro (3,750,000 YR) by the solid waste management program together with Ministry of Local Administration and the cleaning fund of Yemen.

The distribution of water filter in the affected areas by the Water program together with Ministry of Water and Environment to provide clean drinking water to affected population will be supported by 30,000 euro (7,200,000 YR).

Presently German assistance together with the Social Fund for Development is assessing damage in Shibam and preparing a quick emergency package. The most heavily affected families will receive small financial assistance packages.

The health program with the Ministry of Public Health is prepared to assist in the assessment and rehabilitation of health facilities in the affected area with up to 50,000 euro (12,500,000YR).

All measures will commence from today. Following further assessment Germany will mobilize additional long term assistance for flood mitigation and disaster relief in order to avoid future disaster and protect the population and their cultural heritages of Yemen.

Yemen has been hit by heavy tropical storms and massive flooding during the last two days mainly in Hadramout and Al-Mahra that resulted in the loss of more than 60 lives, swept away villages and homes and caused massive population displacement and extensive damage to property and infrastructure. The Government of Yemen has declared the two regions disaster zones.

Education materials distribution project for orphans

Islamic Relief Yemen has distributed education materials to its sponsored orphans in Sana'a and Saa'da. The distribution in Sana'a took place on Friday the 17th of October at Sharq Al Awsat (Middle East) School in Faj Attan, Haddah Area. The distribution in Saa'da was held later on in the same week. Islamic Relief has been fully operational in Yemen since 2004 and launched its orphans programme in 2006. At present the orphans programme is being implemented in Sana'a, Saa'da, Taiz, Aden, Lahj and Abyan Governorates. There are over 600 sponsored orphans in Sana'a, Saa'da and Taiz and over 180 orphans registered in Aden, Lahj and Abyan. The sponsored orphans receive a monthly sponsorship payment from donors all over the world. The main focus of the programme is child protection to ensure orphan children are not deprived from their right of food, basic education, health and shelter through close monitoring of families.

The sponsored orphans and their school going brothers and sisters have benefit from the distribution. The total number of beneficiaries was be 910 orphans in Sana'a and 770 in Saa'da. The contents of the distribution were an age appropriate school bag, full school stationery and school uniforms. The project is apart of Islamic Relief Yemen's seasonal projects to support the poor communities. Islamic Relief Yemen carried out a similar distribution in Sana'a and Saa'da Governorates in 2007. Islamic Relief's Yemen programme strategy in inline with the Government's “Poverty Reduction Strategy 2006-2010” which identifies the development priority areas as eradicating extreme poverty, water, sanitation, empowerment of women, health and basic education. Islamic Relief Yemen is also taking a lead role in Disaster Management and Response as well as Conflict Resolution and Peace Building. IRY has implemented water projects in Taiz Governorates and has other projects in the pipeline.