Therapeutic Tourism in Yemen [Archives:2004/727/Culture]

April 8 2004

Yemen Times Staff
The Republic of Yemen, in addition to great civilization, charming natural scenes and historic sites, the elements for entertainment and sight-seeing tourism, possesses the essential components for therapeutic tourism. Recent field surveys indicate that there are about 50 natural spas and many hot springs scattered throughout the regions of Yemen, formed as results of geological and volcanic activities long time ago.
The city of Damet, situated between Sana'a and Aden, 210 km south of Sana'a, with nearly seventeen thousands inhabitants, is one of the places most regularly visited by Yemenis and foreigners (tourists), especially the elderly, seeking natural therapy using the many spas and hot springs there.
The sulfuric and mineral ingredients in spas and hot springs, can be beneficial if bathed in or drunk, in the treatment of many chronic skin diseases, joint rheumatism, circulatory problems and mycosis. They also revitalize energy and enhance beauty. Spas and hot springs are sought also, as commonly known, for periods of rest and recuperation at natural resorts, which could encourage Arab and foreign investors to establish investment projects near them.
Many of these regions, however, lack basic water and electricity projects, paved roads, hotels and restaurants.
Finally, a lot of people are not familiar with the health benefits of spas and natural springs. In spite of having many spas and hot springs in Yemen, the lack of awareness and negligence in promoting the importance of therapeutic tourism by officials and citizens alike make this sort of tourism almost non-existent. Today, many countries have resorted to promoting this 'king of tourism' as an alternative to the noise and annoyance of city life.