They Are Slaughtering Democracy [Archives:2001/10/Front Page]

March 5 2001

Local councils elections that were held last month have demonstrated a new phenomenon expected beforehand, i.e. armed confrontations, whether individual or between some army units and certain armed groups other than the PGC. The most prominent and bloody of those confrontations were those that took place between Yerim 
Military Camp and the Republican Guard on the one hand and the villages of Wadi Khaban, Kuhlan and Sabbar in Wadi Ibb, an area presently most allegiant to the Yemeni Congregation for Reform Party (Islah) and represents a base for the Islamic Front since the seventies. 
Targeting Sabbar village in particular may mean something else, especially if it is taken into consideration that it is the village of Sheikh Abdulrahman al-Immad, the well-known Islamic leader and member of parliament and head of Islamic Call Centers in Yemen. 
As for exploring the reasons why these armed confrontations have taken place between individuals and political organizations during the voting and polling, it could be found out that the ruling authorities have insisted on politicizing the elections and to render competition between the parties and other political groupings into tribal and political. 
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