Thieves break through Atwani Trading center in Taiz [Archives:2004/708/Local News]

February 2 2004

A group of thieves had in the early hours on Jan. 27 stormed Al-Atwani Trading Center in the city of Taiz, where they used tools for cutting and braking locks. They fled the place after they had stolen the main case of the center.
After reporting of the incident to the police of the city at the Al-bab al-kabeer area, the police embarked immediately on tactical measures to trace clues about the criminals to arrest them.
Stealing and robbery operations have lately increased in the city of Taiz as a result of abject poverty, spread of unemployment and rise in prices of foodstuffs.
That made some desperate people resort to the use of violence and deviation, and also because the responsible authorities are not preventing the main causes leading to these crimes.