Third scientific conference discusses graduation projects [Archives:2002/08/Local News]

February 18 2002

A three-day conference was held recently at the University of Sanaa to discuss 24 medical research projects.
All twenty-three researches are descriptive ones expect one experimental project, entitled (Bacterial Meningitis In Children And Dexamethazone As An Adjunctive Therapy), has been submitted for the first time since ten years as Dr. Yahia Raja said.
Dr. Ali Al-Sabri- head of community medicine, said sessions during the conference covered topics such as, chronic disease, communicable diseases, health services, emergency, child health.
He added this wide range of subjects reflects the diversity of interests of students and cover all aspects health services.
We have invited all the donors just to see our products like WHO, UNICEF, United Nation Population Fund, and many institutions related to the findings to be utilized from their own side and for future cooperation, he said.
We did not invite drug companies to avoid their pressure which represents asking us to advertise their products and community medicine. We would like to avoid this complication. We would like to see the fruits rather than the pressure of drug companies which push students to do some research to announce for their products, he added.
Students have complained about lack of financial support, Dr. Al-Sabri confirmed.
From the financial part, its hope that donors will help the department organize even small support to help students conduct their work and minimize the finical burden.
Finally Dr. Sabri said we hope that our conference will reach its goals and research findings will be utilized by the Minister of Public Health.