This is my opinion [Archives:2005/853/Community]

June 23 2005

By Tariq Al-Naggar
I would like to comment on the forth coming does or with the so-called latest news of price hikes. Logically speaking, is it even useful for us to write about it? What I want to say namely, is that many writers and publishers write about it even though some of them called it “The formidable dose”. In fact, if there is any forth coming dose, our government should be implemented on the grand of reality, since our government knows well with its dangerous consequences and followings.

But, the bloated propaganda of media is the problem that preceded the saying before actions, which published during the few days by government and non-government media. In spite of the fact that they are merely rumors, in other words, is “something premature”. What I mean is that on the one hand the media is a great medium between true and false to speak out and say the social problems – but, they have to view the problem – through the right perspective not to merely make it more exciting on the other. As I mentioned above, the media have played the essential role to make governments think about it, as it is a good idea to get out of its current impasse including the political and economical reform . Further more, it gives vent to merchants to monopolies the prices as they want.

In my opinion , the media have to view the problem properly. To convey the tiding before making sure by more than one wonder, that will it flow or pour this tiding into public interest, are we in the right direction to treat the problem without any side effects and so on again this is my opinion not even more.