This is Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) [Archives:2007/1035/Community]

March 22 2007

By:Noor Hamed Abdulla
Teacher at Aden Community College

Do you know why all Moslems all over the world got so angry because of the ridiculous cartoons published in the Danish newspapers about Prophet Mohammed? Do you know why almost all Moslems have decided to stop buying the Danish products? Simply, because they love and respect their prophet more than their sons and parents. Do you know why?

You may think that it is because he was honest and truthful or you may think because he was patient and merciful or may be because he was brave and nice. However, you have never thought that Mohammed was all that.

Before Islam, he was known as the most honest and truthful man in Mecca (his village). For 40 years, he had never lied or deceived others.

He was brave because he was fighting as a great and brave hero in battles against the unbelievers. He had never run away in any battle. In Ohod and Honeen – names of two battles between Moslems and the unbelievers – Mohammed was fighting bravely until the end of those battles even though it seemed that the unbelievers would defeat Moslems. Mohammed who was over 50 years old was resistant with a few men as his companions although most Moslems were running away due to the hardship of those battles.

On the other hand, Mohammed was a very kind and nice person. He was kind with all people. He was kind with men as well as with women and with children as well as with elderly. Even in war he was kind and merciful. Before any invasion, he ordered the army saying:” Don't destroy a house. Don't burn a plant. Don't cut a tree. You will find monastic worshipping, leave them alone. Don't kill a baby, a woman or an old man. Don't attack them at night and in the morning do not horrify a woman or a baby.”

Was this man a messenger of war and terrorism or a messenger of peace, mercy and justice? Before answering, please think which war was and is as honest as this and which army leader was and is as brave, honest and merciful as Mohammed. Again look what is going around you in the world. Have you watched the news on TV recently? Have you seen how many innocent people have been killed? Do you know how many people were killed in the World War I and II? Have you ever heard about the massacres in Palestine? I believe after thinking about these questions and answering them you can judge objectively.

However, you may ask a question like this: Why was Mohammed fighting if he was nice and merciful? May be you have the right to think so because you don't know that Mohammed was calling people into Islam for 13 years without using any kind of force even though he and his companions were being tormented by the unbelievers. Some of his companions who were slaves to the unbelievers were being tormented by their masters only because they were Moslems. And some of them who were the sons of the unbelievers were also being treated badly and punished by their fathers. Mohammed was sometimes insulted by being thrown trash while walking or even praying in front of the Kaaba (the holy House of Allah in Mecca). The unbelievers called Mohammed a liar, crazy and a magician though they knew that he was the most honest person in the world. It is enough to know that Mohammed and Muslims in Mecca were being blockaded for 3 years. No one was allowed to buy from or to sell to them any goods or food. There was not enough food and sometimes there was no food at all which was why they had to eat leaves in order to survive.

Nevertheless, Mohammed was ordered by Allah to fight the unbelievers who prevented him to call people into Islam. He was fighting the evil (the unbelievers) so that he – as a messenger of Allah – could spread Islam – the religion that is based on justice, peace and mercy.

Have you ever heard in the history about an army leader that changes the direction of the army because there is a weak animal on that way? But Mohammed did. He ordered the army to walk in another direction because there was a dog giving birth to her baby on that way.

He was merciful, modest and kind with all people, Moslems or non Moslems. In Almadina – the town where he immigrated to from Mecca, he was living beside a Jewish man who was always throwing trash in front of Mohammed's house. One day there was no trash so Mohammed was astonished and asked about him and he was told that the Jewish man was sick on that day. Mohammed went to visit him and talked to him politely. As a result the Jewish man became a Moslem because he realized how kind and merciful Mohammed was. Also because he knew that Islam is a religion of love, mercy and forgiveness.

Mohammed was modest with all people, masters or slaves, adults or children. He was always smiling. He was talking with all people in a very polite and modest way. When greeting people, he was shaking hands warmly and he never took his hand until the other person took his hand first. He was very kind with his wives. He was sweeping the floor, mending his torn clothes, milking sheep and going to the market to buy what his wives needed. Mohammed was so modest that a little girl or a slave used to take his hand and go with him to the market to buy whatever she wanted. Have you ever heard about a president who goes with children or servants to the market? Have you ever gone with your servant or little brothers to the market? You may be modest but you have no time to go with them, but what about Mohammed who was responsible for spreading Islam around the world for all the humanity. He had time for these people we don't give 10 or 15 minutes to talk to or play with. He had time to play with a child because he was sad due to the death of his pet. He played with him for an hour.

He was very polite in talking and negotiating with unbelievers some of whom were talking with him just to make fun of him.

This is Mohammed that these newspapers characterized in ridiculous cartoons. Now do you think this great person deserves to be characterized in cartoons of whatever kind or purpose? What I mentioned is a brief description about his manners and if you want to know more, read about his life.