This is What Happens When Security Forces are Turned on the People Instead of a Ticket, the Doctor Got a Bullet [Archives:1999/25/Front Page]

June 21 1999

Dr. Waleed Mohammed Abdulwadood, a General Practitioner, the son of the famous Heart Specialist from Taiz, was the victim of an attack by a security policeman at a traffic crossroads in Hadda. The policeman alleged that he was merely trying to “uphold traffic regulations.” According to these reports, Dr. Waleed was riding up Hadda Road in his uncle’s car, which was being driven by his cousin. As they stopped for the light, a policeman came up to the car and started to peel off some of the reflectors on the windshield. 
The Doctor inquired as to the reason for this action, and wanted to know why the officer had not even checked to see whether he had permission to have the reflectors. The policeman merely began to yell at him and attempted to ride the car, which had Dr. Abdulwadood’s Aunt in the back seat. Dr. Abdulwadood then refused to let the policeman in the car and suggested that he move from the intersection to the side of the road where the matter could be dealt without obstructing traffic. As the car moved away from the traffic light, the Doctor said: “All I knew was that I heard gunshots, and immediately felt the dampness of blood underneath me”. 
Fortunately, the Doctor was taken to a nearby hospital and underwent surgery for removal of the bullet that penetrated his upper right thigh. An investigation is underway, but it does not appear that any action has been taken against the apparent excesses of someone who is expected to provide protection for the public, and not be a source of fear and frustration.