This Year’s High School Exam Results Show: GIRLS ARE BETTER STUDENTS [Archives:1998/32/Front Page]

August 10 1998

Female high-school students have topped the lists of graduates with the highest marks at the end of the academic year 1997/98. Of a total of 31,898 students who sat for the science section of secondary-school graduation exams, 26,904 (84.00%) passed their finals. A slightly smaller proportion (80.72%) of the 55,237 students who sat for the exams in the literary section were successful. As for the trade section, 519 students of the 605 passed their exams.
The number of students expelled from exam halls for cheating or other irregularities was 586. Of these, 27 were denied the right to take exams because they exchanged the exam answer books, 18 for tearing off their answer books, 85 for assuming false identities (sitting in for other students), 110 for running away with the answer books, 40 for outright cheating during exams, 13 for differences in handwriting, and 270 for other offences.
About 61% of the top ten students in all categories – 39 of the total of 64 students, were female students. This kind of female domination of the top scores is even more impressive once we realize that female high school students represent less than 27% of the total.
“It just goes to show that girls are more serious students than boys,” said a teacher.