Thousands march Omar remembered in Ibb [Archives:2003/07/Local News]

February 17 2003

Ibb governorate witnessed thousands of people demonstrating last Tuesday on the occasion of the passing of 40 days since the death of Jarallah Omar, the deputy secretary general of Yemeni Socialist party, the martyr of freedom and democracy.
Many important people from the ruling and opposition political parties attended the demonstration.
The demonstration set off from Mafraq Jibla, passing through the main street, until it arrived to Al-Kabsi stadium where many speeches were spoken by the representatives of the opposition and the ruling parties.
They talked about the features of the martyr and about the great loss of the whole country as well as the achievements he left to his country.
Yahia Mansour Abu Osba’a, a member of the Yemeni parliament, talked about the role Omar had in fighting corruption, and his continuous demand to restrict the phenomenon of carrying weapons.
“The murderers were able to assassinate Jarallah Omar in the street or in his house or on his way to home or in any place. Omar has no guards or custody,” Abu Osba’a said.
Hassan Alwajih, the spokesman of the rule party, said Omar was a victim of terrorism.
Mohammed Almaqaleh, a well known writer, said that Ibb governorate must be proud that Omar came from there, and indicated that he will remain in every Yemeni heart.
The spokesman of Islah Party, Sa’ad Alrubaia, indicated that the relationship between Islah and the socialist party and all the Joint Meeting parties is stronger than before.
The representative of Nassri party, Abdullah Dahan, said that the assassination of Omar is an assassination for all the Joint Meeting parties.
In addition, many poets presented poems describing the features and the bravery of Omar