Three coastal reserves to be announced soon [Archives:2007/1069/Local News]

July 19 2007

SANA'A, July 18 ) In collaboration with the United Nations Development Program, the Environment Protection General Authority has finalized the plans for the administration of three natural and coastal reserves, which will be announced this year, in Shabwa, Hadramout, and Al-Hodeidah governorates.

Environment Protection Authority chairman Mahmoud Shidiwah pointed out that the coastal reserves include Sharmah maritime reserve, Bir Ali-Broom reserve, and Kamaran Island reserve. The first one, in Hadramout, is a reserve for green turtles and coral reefs; the second one, off the coast of Hodieda governorate, is a reserve for maritime biodiversity; while the third one is meant for protecting Mangroves forest along Kamaran Island's coast.

Shidiwah maintained that they are studying some desert areas wherein gazelles exist in order to announce them as reserves over the coming period. The new reserves are added to the early-announced reserves like Socotra Island, Dhamar's Otmah, Al-Maharah's Houf and Al-Hodeidah's Bru'a as well as wet lands and birds reserve in Aden.

He noted that his authority made a survey and prepared a detailed plan for areas to be protected and those with sustainable use in a way that pushes the environmental tourism, hinting that such an act will help safeguard Yemen's floral and fauna biodiversity.

Aden reserve contains five protected areas of about 1500 acres and they are frequented by emigrating and domestic birds as well as plants, some of which are on the verge of extinction.

Shidiwah pinpointed that Aden's wet lands are a place for rare emigrating and domestic birds. They are also a suitable place for breeding for some sea entities. Furthermore, there are a number of natural plants which provide livelihood for over 5000 people, mostly through raising cattles, cutting wood, and such like activities.

Concluding his remarks, Shidiwah stressed that the reserves will enhance the government efforts aiming to create a web of reserves for land and maritime components in Yemen.