Three Iraqis previously working at Iraqi embassy detained [Archives:2004/701/Local News]

January 8 2004

Yemeni authorities had Sunday arrested and detained three Iraqi former diplomats accused of embezzling sums of money from the Iraqi embassy in late of last July.
The three diplomats; Hassan Talib Hatim, Mohammed Abdulla Jassim and Kareem Rabat Mizban were working at the Iraqi embassy and are charged by stealing a $650 thousand sum of money from the embassy's strongbox. They are currently under lock at the prison of the Yemeni Immigration and Passports Authority after they had been released from Criminal Investigations Prison as the charge against them was lacking of enough evident.
Meanwhile, attorney Jamal al-Juabi told Reuters that '' The three Iraqi diplomats were transferred to the Interlope office, which could mean athey may be deported.'' Juabi said the men, accused last year of embezzling money from the Iraqi embassy, did not want to return to Iraq.
One official earlier said Yemen was holding talks with Jordan about deporting the three men to Amman.