Three universities suspended for incompatibility with private education law [Archives:2005/858/Front Page]

July 11 2005

A source in the Supreme Yemeni Council for Universities, told the media that, it suspended the registration and admition of students in Al-Iman University, last Monday. Al-Iman University is headed by Sheikh Abdulmageed Al-zundani, head of the Shora council in Islah Party. The decision also included, in addition to AL-Iman University, Al-watania and The Applied Sciences Universities.

The source attributes this decision to the incompliance of these three universities with the standards of the private education law.

These Universities also didn't observe the regulations of the Supreme University Council and the High Education Ministry. The regulation necessitates providing information on the admission policy to the supreme council for approval, before advertising admission in the media.

The source added that the council and the concerned parts have repeatedly requested these universities in vain, before taking this step.

Al-Iman University stipulates for admission that a candidate should be able to memorize and recite five parts of Koran. They don't pay attention to the student's qualifications, which are mostly intermediate certificate (corresponding to the present basic education certificate).

The suspension of admission in Al-Iman and the other two universities comes as a result of warnings that the General Secretary of Supreme Council for Universities, Ali Gasim, had dispatched. These warnings included his confirmations that the Council will take legal measures against those universities that refused to hand in their admission policy.

The Government had closed down the Medicine colleges in a number of Private universities. It also closed the branches of these universities in Governorates. It retained the head quarters in the capital on condition that they meet the standards of the private education law that was issued lately.

The government has taken these decisions on the basis of the recommendations of the Supreme University Council, Ministry of Higher Education and the Supreme Council for Education Planning. These bodies have carried out a field study that was conducted for a full year. It came out with a comprehensive report on the situation of these universities. The governmental report considered these universities, including Al-Iman university- as not mounting up to the standard of modern education.