Three women attempt to commit suicide [Archives:2004/793/Local News]

November 25 2004

Taiz Bureau
Three women were reported to have attempted to commit suicide. A 22-year-old Wathiqah Sarhan, from Al-Hawban district, to the east of Taiz, took a doze of a pesticide. She was then rushed to a hospital where her life could be saved. Her suicide attempt was the result of a dispute between her and her family.
Another young woman from the rural area of Jabal Habashi, attempted to kill herself. One Mohsana Mohammed, 25, tied herself up to a tree trunk, poured kerosene on her body and set herself alight. She was transferred to Al-Thawra General Hospital in the city of Taiz with first-degree burns.
Another unfortunate suicide attempt took place in Far'a Al-Udain district, and the victim was a woman. She put on ten dresses and several headscarves, soaked them with kerosene and then set herself aflame. The woman could be transported to the hospital but died the next day. The cause of her act was her husband divorcing her on the telephone.
It is notable that suicide attempts have increased among women especially the young ones for a host of reasons.