Through its partnership in Yemen Mohamed Taha Hamood & Co.Microsoft revolutionizes businesses in Yemen [Archives:2003/654/Community]

July 28 2003

In what is seen as a major success for Microsoft's products in Yemen, Yemen's Microsoft Partner Mohamed Taha Hamood & Co. achieved remarkable growth in a very short time.
In just four months, the company was able to strike deals and install Microsoft business solutions for many satisfied companies in Yemen. Following its massive media campaign, through which it introduced Microsoft Business Solutions to the Yemeni market, the company has now resulted in revolutionizing the way many companies work in Yemen.
The company was able to accomplish many of its objectives and has gained the trust and confidence of companies throughout the country.
Mr. Hisham Mohamed Taha Hamood, Marketing and Public Relations Executive of the company said, “Many of our goals have been achieved in just four months since we announced our partnership with Microsoft in a press conference last May. Our partnership with Microsoft, the world's leading software company, has resulted in massive positive response by many companies in Yemen, which valued and trusted Microsoft products and consequently installed Microsoft Business Solutions in their companies.”
“They are now fully satisfied.” he said.
“We are not only installing such advanced systems to enhance business systems in Yemen, but we are also training Yemeni personnel to work more efficiently and enhance their skills in using Microsoft products and hence become more productive in the Yemeni society.” he added.