TIME FOR ACTION! [Archives:2000/26/Viewpoint]

June 26 2000

The first thing that popped into my mind after announcing the approval of the Yemeni-Saudi border treaty, was the realization that time has come for action. Now that Yemen has guaranteed a secure border with its neighboring kingdom, there seems to be no more excuses for not implementing strict measures against kidnappers and terrorists who are still, until today, wandering all over the country without punishment.
The government should now try to regain the prestige it had lost. The “Law is above All” slogan should be raised and practically implemented on the ground, i.e., it should not stay on paper only, but should be implemented in reality.
President Saleh has promised to work hard on improving the economy, on building the state of law and order, and on bringing security to the country. It is now time for him to fulfill his promises.
No more border dispute, no more fears from neighbors, and thank God, no more excuses. Today, we will examine the honesty and sincerity of our officials, who have been talking for so long, without anything tangible.
The man in the street is delighted to see that we have resolved our dispute with our brotherly neighbor. He is now waiting for a better standard of living for himself and his family. The common man everywhere in Yemen is not happy for the signing of the treaty merely because it secures our border. His main concern is in fact the economy. Will it flourish? Will our neighbors, who have assisted us financially for so many years, come back to our assistance in reviving Yemen’s economy? Will the gate be opened again for Yemeni labor to seek a better living in the Gulf?
These are all questions to be answered. Even if a direct answer cannot be given immediately, I’m optimistic that it will be a positive one, as the country can not any more withstand another disappointment.
I cannot but believe that President Saleh is,even more than us, willing to do his best to get the country out of its economic downfall. However, only time will prove whether he will succeed. If he does, he will be adding another great achievement to his record.
Walid Al-Saqqaf
Chief Editor