Timeline set for judicial reform [Archives:2004/706/Local News]

January 26 2004

The Yemeni Cabinet in its meeting last Tuesday, presided over by premier Bagammal ratified the schedule for the implementation of the government's program concerning the judicial system.
Recent decisions come in response to requests to reform the judicial system in Yemen.
To mention but a few of the negative aspects pointed out by critics, the delay by many judges to attend official working hours, which in turn delays and accumulates cases; the ill-treatment by the soldiers of citizens approaching such courts who are often subjected to the soldiers' rough manners; and the limitation of the right of objection against judgments and verdicts.
Moreover, most judges read out the verdicts without reasons behind them, which leaves the opponents incognizant of the causes.
Another negative aspect being practiced is the prevention of the public to attend open sessions, and the permission of the parties involved, or holding sessions in the judges offices and the prevention of others from entry under the pretext of limited space.