Time’s cloud [Archives:2006/923/Community]

February 23 2006

By: Fuad Noman
[email protected]

Your snowy smiles

Making my heart's beauty increased

And my pain's jeer be forever deceased

Pleased to haul my heart by your time's cloud

For breathing the rest of his life so proud

In cloud nine

My spirit's blissful echo will be wide and loud

Thy love is so seldom and rare,

For I, your honey lips nothing like to compare

Your white soul is my heart's perfect ware

Thy face is brighter than moon

Your sweet tongue is my eternal tune

By your charming sunny eyes, you own

Honey always becomes savoury and brown

For my soul's yield

Thence your love can fly and reap

Great love nor dies by far,

Nor withers by short leap,

But its real heartfelt pulse

digging sense of soul being deep

All times,

Hugging the waves of dawn to be forever mine

But the portent's hand plowing a newer mine

I believe in the father of creation

To my right path He will sheen and shine

For love how many nymphs can intone!

But your gentle tune is always my heart's incline