To assess the damage, UN delegation visits Sa’ada [Archives:2004/786/Local News]

November 1 2004

A UN delegation visited Sa'ada City on Tuesday October 26 to assess the size of damage that resulted from the Al-Houthi's insurgency for the purpose of reconstructing the area. The delegation is expending efforts to assess the urgent needs of the population, particularly in rehabilitating the main infrastructure and education and health services in the area.
The monitoring team is formed of a number of officials working for the UN in Yemen in the field of social and child development, health monitoring to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and the human nutrition. Depending on the preliminary assessment adapted by the team, the UN will search for better ways to help the area recover from the disasters it experienced during the fight against the rebellion and bring stability back to the area.
During the visit, the team met with a number of Sa'ada government officials and non-governmental organizations. The team members also paid a field visit to Sa'ada hospital and the village of Qawhaza, where many refugees stay because of the events that took place during the clashes.