To be held in MukallaSymposium on environment protection and quality of fish products [Archives:2005/805/Business & Economy]

January 6 2005

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
Yemen seeks protection of its fish products and maintains their quality as well as the purity and cleanliness of sea environment. The country possesses long shores extending to more than 2500 km and they are full with abundant quantities of various types of fish and marine life.

In this context, the city of Mukalla, provincial capital of the governorate of Hadramout, is to host a symposium on follow-up environment and protection of quality of fish products on 10 to 12 January 2005. Taking part in the symposium would be experts from 90 countries including Arab countries, European Union, and from countries of South-East Asia. The symposium aims at following up the environment of fish products, the standard of production and how to dealing with means for establishing of investment partnership with the Yemeni side.

Official sources have said the symposium is held in collaboration with forum of workers in sea fishing sector and the common fund of essential commodities and under supervision of the ministry of Fish Wealth, in addition to the center of marketing and investment services of fish products in the Arab region.

In addition, to take part in the symposium are experts from the Food and Agriculture Organisation with the aim of attaining at a regional cooperation regarding fish wealth. Yemen says it is hoping from holding the symposium to make public the existing investment opportunities in the area of fishing and the country's need for funding big investment projects in fish sector.

Official sources also mention that on the sidelines of the symposium meetings there would be an acquaintance with many of Arab and foreign countries' experiences regarding mechanisms of production and development of national exports of fish.

The Yemeni delegation to the symposium would present it with a number of working papers related to fish wealth in Yemeni regional waters in addition to highlighting what the coasts of Hadramout entertain with major advantages and quality in fishing and kinds of fish.

Yemen exports high-quality fresh fish to some countries of the European Union, Russia and some Arab countries. Nevertheless, the sector of fish wealth in Yemen demands modern mechanisms and technology to raise production efficiency and development of exports in order to get non-inflation financial revenues as well as pumping funds into the state budget to put an end to the chronic financial deficit.