To be organized by several Yemeni female leaders:US embassy to face female demonstration [Archives:2004/741/Front Page]

May 27 2004

A number of Yemeni civil society female leaders are to organize a peaceful demonstration on Thursday May 27 to take place near the US Embassy in Sanaa. The demonstration is also expected to go to the UNDP office and the UK embassy in the city.
According to a press release issued by the main organizer of the protest, the Yemen Female Media Forum, the demonstration will protest 'the crimes committed by US soldiers against Iraqi prisoners'.
The demonstrating women will also demonstrate as a symbol of solidarity with Iraqi women who suffer due to 'what they are facing of assaults and random missile attacks such as those that took place in Falluja, Karbala, and Najaf'.
The demonstration is expected to start the Sabeen arena and head to the UNDP office where they would hand the resident representative a letter of protest for 'being silent despite atrocities of the US against humanity and human rights' and the group will then continue to the US and UK embassies where they will present the ambassadors of the two countries letters of protest against the 'ongoing occupation of Iraq.'