To choose or not to choose an educated woman [Archives:2008/1193/Community]

September 25 2008

Omar Hassan Al-Ja'ashani
[email protected]
Faculty of Commerce and Economics
Amran University

I would like to express my deep appreciation to all the Yemen Times staff for their constant efforts in dedicating a large space in the paper to reflect readers' thoughts, opinions and emotions in response to stimulating topics.

I was pleased to read Al-Adlany's article entitled “Educated woman: between misunderstanding and misbehavior” (YT Issue 1183, 21 Aug. 2008). However I disagree with him on this subject. I can't assume that an educated woman is better than an uneducated one with regards to her morality, personality, cultural upbringing and practice of religion. It is possible to come across a highly educated woman who owns certificates in all fields of knowledge, but who is described as arrogant and shows little respect to her husband. A prime example of this kind of woman is the well-educated Western woman.

On the other hand, it happens to meet uneducated women who haven't been to school or university, but who are talented in managing their home duties and respectful to their husbands, such as the companions of the Prophet PBUH, particularly the mothers of the believers.

I believe that a man should marry a religious, morally upright and beautiful woman because our Prophet said, “A woman is married for four things: her wealth