To Coincide with June 26th: Seminar in Support of Torture Victims [Archives:1999/21/Front Page]

May 24 1999

The Human Rights, Civil Liberties, NGOs Committee of the Consultative Council, in collaboration with several NGOs, notably Yemen 21 Forum, the Yemeni Committee to Combat Torture (YCCT), and the Yemeni Board to Support Torture Victims (YBSTV), is planning a major workshop to coincide with the UN Day in Support of Torture Victims – June 26. 
Several key experts have been asked to prepare documents on the types of torture that prevail in Yemen, bodies/persons who engage in torture, and what reaction such violations normally generate from government, civil society and individuals. Key speakers are Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf, Chair of the CC committee, Ali Saif Hassan, Secretary-General of the YCCT, Mohammed Naji Allaw, founder of the YBSTV, Dr. Mohammed Al-Mikhlafi, a prominent lawyer, and many others who will make presentations and professional interventions.