To fund development projects Yemen needs $29 million [Archives:2003/632/Business & Economy]

April 21 2003

A government report has mentioned that total volume of financial resources required for financing development projects till the year 2015 are estimated at around $82 billion, of them is the amount of $52.7 billion can be provided and will need the remaining $ 29.9. A recently issued report by the ministry of finance made it clear that realizing objectives of human development for combating poverty in the coming 12 years needs an amount of $46 billion. Financial resources for expanding basic education amount to $29.5. Available resources amount to $9.4 billion and the needed amount is $20.1 billion.
The report also mentioned that the government had allotted $4.2 billion for improving public health level and $1.9 billion for water supplies. The report said the goals of development approved in September 2000 in New York aimed at fighting poverty, expansion of basic education, improvement of woman conditions, reduction of child mortality, improvement of motherhood health and combating malaria and contagious diseases. The report defines the required needs of available resources and monitoring the extent of progress in achievement of goals of human development.
The report has drawn attention to retreat in volume of agricultural production and drop of the workforce income by 50 percent. Yemen imports of grains in 2000 are worth of about $312 million and foodstuffs of 726.1. The report clarifies that the country is facing a number of acute environmental problems among which is the crisis of waters. The rate of drop in water levels in basins is estimated at 8.6 meters a year. It is scheduled that the ministry of planning would finish revising contents of the report and to later present it to the cabinet.