To make ends meetJournalists become taxi drivers [Archives:2004/716/Local News]

March 1 2004

In a bizarre case, which is first of its kind in Yemen, several journalists belonging to official newspapers have decided to use the cars of their institutions as taxis after receiving negative responses to their continuous demands of a raise in their salaries.
According to one of those journalists, “The Prime Minister has not responded yet to our request in raising our salaries as we are suffering from extremely poor economic conditions.”
The level of desperation of journalists working for official newspapers have caused many to think of using the vehicles of the establishments they are working for as taxis.
In one of the latest incidents of this kind, a minibus carrying a governmental numbered plate and having paintings showing that it belongs to a prominent official newspaper was carrying passengers to Dhamar and Yareem at the Shumaila station.
When asked why the driver was using an official vehicle for such purposes he said that he needed to do so to get what is enough money for fueling the car and gaining enough money to make ends meet that day.